Ape Caves Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

Warning this post is mostly pictures!  We love exploring Lava tubes, Ape Caves is a hike we have done before a little over two years ago.  We loved it so much that we wanted to do it again.  Last time Suzanne was pregnant with Elijah Hadassah was 1+, Cyrus was 2 and Eve was 3.  We had no idea what we were getting into but had been told that the kids could do it no problem.  It was CRAZY! We ended up carrying the little ones the whole way over trying piles of boulders and tight passageways.  This time when the kids were older a ranger did stop us at the top and tell us that this hike is not recommended for children under 10. We decided to do it anyway since they had done it before and are now two years older.  With Elijah being 1+, Hadassah 3, Cyrus 4, Eve 5, Hannah 8, and Caleb 10.  Grandma and Grandpa Sherman, and Uncle Jeremy’s brother Chris joined us with his crew for the lower caves as they are a lot less challenging, but you get to still experience the caves.   

   The lower caves…grandma and grandpa hiked up the trail and met us at the exit of the upper caves.  
   We finished the entire hike around dinner time so before we left we all sat around eating dinner and visiting.  I expected that the kids would crash as soon as the car started moving, but so far I am the only one having trouble staying awake.  

If you live in the area you should make it a point to visit Ape Caves and at least hike the lower segment!  Caves are so fun.

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