OMSI and the Tilikum Crossing

It has been since May of 1999 when I last had the pleasure of Holli’s (a Highschool classmate) company.  So at the end of July when she text messaged me about getting together I was most definitely surprised.  Having moved in recent years to the Portland area we are not too far from each other, but both with young children and busy schedules we had never set up a play date.  

I was unsure what to expect, and was very pleasantly surprised at how relaxed we were, like no time had passed.  No comparison of what we have or have not achieved of our childhood ambitions.   Her little man was so darn cute!  It was fun to watch his joyful energy as he played with Hannah and Eve (he liked to hold Hannah’s hand).  So so cute!  

I didn’t take many pictures as we were just enjoying our visit.  The kids took a few photos of their block castles.  




 Pushing poor little Eli a ways past his normal nap time we visited as long as we could.   

 Before leaving we enjoyed one more sound show downstairs, a new exhibit.   

 We took the oportunity to check out the new pedestrian, cyclist and max bridge named Tilikum Crossing, Bridge of the People.  It already registered 1,004 cyclists had crossed it so far today when we were there around 2:00pm.  

 It was a short and refreshing walk.  We then grabbed some lunch and returned home just in time for Chad to head out to work with his dad for the evening.  I am not sure what the future will hold, but I am sure of one thing it better not be another 16 years until we have another play date!!! It was great to see you today Holli and to meet you little Eli.

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