Contract #6 Signed

A few of you have asked us over the last three months what our plans are for our next assignment.  I don’t like to say for sure what we are planning until I have a signed contract, but I had been asked by Silverton Health, my home hospital, to come and help them shortly after I signed my Newport contract.  Wanting to help my friends and former work family I gave them first dibs on my next assignment until October 1st.  It was looking like a pretty done deal so we had let several of you in on our non cemented plans.  A week or so ago Silverton manager let me know that with a decrease in their anticipated census meant that they would no longer need my exra hands.  

Although the kids are disappointed to not be home for Christmas we feel like this is a major answer to prayer.  To spend 7 months in Oregon does nothing to meet our trip objectives and although 8 people in 1100 sq ft half time has been great for three months.  An additional three months  full time together would be trying at the least.  

Today we signed a contract with Augusta Health in Fisherville Virginia 2.5 hours out of DC starting 11/9/15.  We are looking forward to being on the east coast the 3,000-4,000 mile, depending on how south we need to go, route across the contiguous states seems a little daunting. 

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