Rocky Butte and The Grotto in Portland

On Saturday we had planned a Portland hiking day with Grandma and Grandpa Owens.  Grandpa had one job and would get off around noon or one so Chad started a hammock sewing project and I rotated laundry and checked email while the kids played outside with their friends.  Grandpa’s job ended up adding some extr square feet and a bunch of furniture so the decision was made to head out to Rocky Butte with Grandma and Grandpa would meet us at Pieology for dinner.  We didn’t end up finding the trail head instead we found ourselves on the top of the very scenic butte.  We checked it out while we waited for Grandma.  It may have been poor planning on my part, but I didn’t realize there would be no bathroom facilities there when I chugged the liter of water on the way to Portland.  So quickly the plan of hiking backwards down the trail then back up turned into a let’s check out the park again then head down and check out the Grotto just below.  The view of the whole valley was AMAZING!  

The Grotto in Portland  

 Fall is definitely here in the Pacific Northwest. 

 We finished the awe inspiring walk through the upper gardens and around the Grotto grounds just in time to meet grandpa at Pieology for pizza and then a walk through Cabellas.  We definitely do not deserve to be this blessed.  We are so thankful for the gift of time out with Grandma and Grandpa, and the diverse and beautiful parks and churches in Portland.  Sometimes I look around for a shoe to drop.  We have no guarantee of tomorrow.  It sure is amazing, though, when you take the time to just be in the moment.  

   I thought you might enjoy these quotes from the walls of Pieology.

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