So Thankful to Know the Creator

We were running a little late Sunday so Chad dropped me off at work with the plans of a fresh sea air excursion in the morning to walk “home” (our motel) from work.  I didn’t know what kind of treat I was in for.  The cool breeze was refreshing, the view was amazing and I found myself singing hymns to myself as I walked along.  

   There were two small fishing boats out on my end of the bay and you could see the bobbing heads of the playful sea lions with the barking from the bay front strip carrying across the water.  I felt blessed to have witnessed it.  When I returned to work tonight tired from a day of very sparatic sleep armed with coffee. I was not expecting anymore amazed by my environment moments.  Shortly into the shift when we, my partner in crime for the night, and I were stocking the triage rooms we were amazed to witness the most brightly colored sunsets I have seen in a while.  The pictures don’t show it well but the clouds were my favorite color of hot pink!!! Really!!! So humbled by how great our God is!  

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