So Scattered 

(I typed this up a week or so ago and it just didn’t get posted) 

I am missing what I appriciate most about travel nursing…

You all are familier with the “over booked” feeling.  Between soccer practice, swimming lessons, homework, piano, AWANAs, karate, dad’s job and mom’s job. Play groups, Sunday school, and errands.  You are not sure which direction to head first or what to do next.  When we travel we have our house or appartment or home base.  We totally check out of the business.  The only “must do”s on the calendar is work.  We are all together most of the time, never really going in opposite directions…hey what are we really going to do with only one family car.  Yes we still are traveling, but we are close enough to home that we get split up.  I am so thankful that my parents were able to watch the kids so Chad could go to a men’s retreat through church, I love that he gets to do that.  This last three months has been a good season of being home with extended family, when we are ready to settle back into our permanent jobs, school and work this balance of being purposeful about not getting over scheduled will be my biggest struggle and the free feeling you have when you are unplugged from all of that is going to be the biggest thing I will miss from traveling.   We are not there yet incase any of you are reading between the lines. 😀 The time will come but not yet.

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