Should I Stay or Should I Go Now

This weekend we were supposed to go to a family camp with our church.  It was going to be a bit rushed, but we would be able to come home late wednesday do laundry on Thursday, head to camp on Friday spend the weekend leaving there just in time to get to Newport for a shower before work.  Tuesday or Wednesday we got an email that said there was to be no pets allowed at camp.  We probably could have found someone to watch Myra but we didn’t really want to.  We had needed to do that for the previous weekend and this time because we would need to head straight back to the coast after camp would have to be for a whole week.  There were other straws like the only other day we could go to the fair was going to be complicated by three dentist appointments so if we wanted to take a whole day like we love to do it would have to be Friday. Yesterday I still hadn’t really decided if I had the energy for a day trip.  Maybe we should take Myra and keep her in the car for the one night.  could we get away with that?  No, that probably wouldn’t work.  Maybe we could head to the beach at the end of the day and just stay there an extra night.  I don’t think Chad and I were on the same page.  The fair was good although I felt a little bad about skipping on camp.  I had most my mind made up about going out for the day today, but besides laundry and making Musubi we didn’t do much.  Two days in one week that wasn’t chocked full of must dos.  Something about that just didn’t seem right, but the straw that broke this (going to family camp) camels back was the no dogs allowed.  It did allow for us to go on a date night tonight.  

Here are a few pictures from teaching Uncle Jayson how to make musubi this afternoon for lunch.  

   At dinner Chad and I ordered some lychee to split.  It was canned lychee but still good.   
 We miss you Big Island friends and loved to reminisce a bit while enjoying a few of the foods you taught us to love.  I’m still not sure we made the right decision.  It is important to rest sometimes right!?! Back to work tomorrow.

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