Three More Night Shifts Down and Coffee With My Very Favorite Louanne

Night shifts can either drag on and on or fly by there seems to be no in between.  Three shifts that were equal parts drag on and fly by were the perfect balance.  I continue to be amazed by the team spirit and positive attitudes around here.  How is it that it is so rare to find people who understand that the work is there you can choose to gripe and complain or go about your work cheerfully. One option makes your work feel like double and one makes your work load feel like half.  I learn something from every place I have worked.  It is becoming more and more clear what it is that I will learn here.  A smile and cheerful attitude along with a willingness to jump in (divide and conquer motto) makes even the crazy days good experiences.  I felt a little like my brains were scrambled eggs at change of shift this morning and they had a new agency nurse that I’m sure thought I was missing some screws.  It is nice to know that I am past that honeymoon faze and testing faze, that the nurses I work with trust me and see me as part of the team and not so much an outsider.  I don’t have to prove anything, the time I most look forward to in an assignment…although this has been my least stressful assignment to date I am enjoying no longer being the new traveler. 

After work I tried to take a two hour nap before checking out of the hotel, but that didn’t work too well.  At 10:00 we headed towards home. I felt rummy for a while but by the time we made it home I couldn’t sleep.  Instead I cuddled sleepy kittens and chatted with Chad making plans.   

 I figured that since I should be sleeping there should be no guilt about spending 5ish hours sitting on the couch cuddling kittens and visiting with my family.  

After dinner Louanne picked me up and we headed to Broadway Commons for coffee.  Although we have technically been home it has been almost a month and a half since we have seen each other.  A lot has happened in that time.  We talked story catching up on eachother’s lives.  I so enjoy Louanne’s friendship and perspectives she asks me hard questions and keeps me accountable on so many levels but in the same safeness I know I cannot (I think it would be nearly impossible but I probably won’t test the theory) disappoint her because she loves me no matter what allowing me to be myself whatever that may be all the while asking me those challenging questions to make sure I have thought of everything.  And, in the very next breath she is lifting me up with encouragement.  May the Lord bless her in the same way she has blessed me with her unconditional friendship. 

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