Oregon State Fair 2015

$1.50 day today was in honer of it being the 150th year of the Oregon State Fair.  At that rate we could save the tickets the kids earned at the summer reading program for another day and make this a two fair day year which we have never done before. The lines were shorter than we anticipated at the entrance and really over all less crowded. I wasn’t quite sure if the whole city of Salem would turn out because of the sweet deal.  On our way past the horse pavilion Aunt Stephanie who had beat us to the fair waved us down and told us that she had run into Aunt Bonnie and Tate and that Taylor would be showing her horse in the arena sometime soon.  Well perfect we wouldn’t want to miss that.  We headed into the pavilion and found seats up a bleacher or two from the rest of the crowd so our restless kids wouldn’t disturb anyone’s peace.  We enjoyed watching the two or three groups of kids/horses before Taylor, but it was especially fun watching someone we knew.  Maybe more so because we got to enjoy the company of Aunt Bonnie, Tate and Tiffany while we did it.   

   We were there for quite a while so the kids ate the first part of their lunch which is also our tradition…lunch in the horse pavilion.  
   Afterwords we congratulated Taylor and met Chief her horse.   
   We loved the other horse events we watched, the showing of sheep, shearing, FFAers showing goats and the sleepy pigs snoozing the hot stuffy afternoon away.  
   This cute piggy’s name was Eve!  
 The poultry barn was next after a quick whistle purchase and a few dogs distance jumping into a pool.  

   Gotta love the 4H projects and the Artisian village although they seemed much smaller than usual.  













 So much hands on learning. I love it!  
   After a clown performance we headed to find some dinner.  
 The kids kept us entertained at dinner with their clown noses.  

   We made it through 3/4 of the last pavilion we were planning to try to hit today and Eve was just too tired.  We talked to the Oregon Authors which I love to do every year. Then headed home.  
 The kids are learning about handling money.  So they have had some of their own money I am amused to watch what they choose to spend it on.  

We made it home by 10:00pm and the weather is just starting to cool.  I have enjoyed the chirp of the crickets in our back yard as I have sat in the dark typing this up.  It is sometimes hard to go to bed after an exceptionally fun day knowing that that will bring it to an end and the page will turn in our life book to a new blank page tomorrow morning one calling for a new and different adventure than what was held in the pages of today. 

Good night and goodbye August 28th 2015.

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