Crocheting on the Couch

I can almost not believe it myself, but yesterday, Thursday, I did not do anything except some paperwork that was mailed out early and then sit on the couch and crochet all day.  Well until 5:00pm at least. Those of you who have known me for very long know that my well earned nick name in college was “Grandma Sarah” due to my love of crocheting and the fact that I took it everywhere with me which I suppose is atypical of most 17-20 year olds.  I have missed my hook and yarn therapy.  The kids had fun just playing together too. We had a blanket fort early in the day then the game of life and even a visit from the mounted police.  

    At 5:00 we started packing up and headed to the park to have a picnic dinner with a few of Chad’s childhood friends, a fellow couple from NNU, Pastor Trevor and Kristal.  It was a nice evening to be at the park.  

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