Friends and Old Stomping Grounds

We stayed at our favorite hotel in Nampa, it has a lot of great memories from college days and the vouchers for free breakfast from the resauraunt are pretty awesome too.  The kids slept in late it was nearly 9:00am when Eve finally woke up.  One hour time change or not she never sleeps that late.  

 After breakfast we headed to visit a friend and coworker from the Idaho State School and Hospital (ISSH) Lavonna.  We worked together in the Recreation department from 2/2000-4/2004 it was a good college job that worked well around my schedule and I have appreciated the friendships that I made there.  Although we have talked on the phone (that was pretty recently) it had been over ten years since we had a chance to visit.  Lavonna hasn’t changed a bit she is still the very fun, always loving, never judging person.  We loved our visit with her.  

   The kids gathered the chicken eggs, collected turkey feathers, helped feed the birds inside, jumped on the trampoline and had a blast.  
 We got to visit with her sister Cheryl too.  I was blessed to get to live with Cheryl the second half of sophomore year as well as through the summer.   

 After our visit with Lavonna we ate lunch at Wendy’s. 

 After lunch we braved NNU although we had noticed that it was new student orientation and the place looked packed! We were able to pick up an unofficial transcript and order an official one.  We walked up stairs to the nursing deparent and visited with Dr. Lester the director of the nursing department and a professor I had the privilege of taking several classes from in my time as an undergrad student at NNU.  On the way back to the car we checked out the new library,  it is very nice although I had so many fond memories of the old one it is hard to see it has changed so much.   

 After NNU we took a short rest at our hotel room then Blimpies for dinner and Roaring Springs for Friday Family Night.  It wasn’t an overly hot day so by 8:00pm Eve was feeling pretty cold.  We got out shortly after that and cuddled up in our towels while Chad and the kids continues to ride slides until 9:20pm when we headed out.  With everyone freezing we had schemed that we would run and jump in our hot tub as soon as we got back to the hotel.  25ish min. In the hot tub warmed us all back up and now it is time to hit the hay.  Another big day tomorrow.  


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