Sherman Family Reunion 2015

After a late night you can imagine that we slept in a little.  Just after 9:30am we met Kayla (my childhood baby sitter) at Flying M Coffee Garage.  If you know Kayla you know of her infections laugh and the way she makes you always feel like her very favorite person.  We visited for a while before the kids discovered how completely awesome She is.  From then on there was no adult conversation, but a bunch of knock knock jokes and silly stories…such a heartwarming sight.  Seriously Kayla I never get enough of hanging out with you.  

After visiting with Kayla for most of the morning we headed to Boise to visit our childhood neighbor (he wasn’t just a neighbor he owned the dairy that my dad worked) we had quarterly farm meetings that from a kids perspective was a big family dinner, we worked beside eachother cutting and wrapping meat, he was a godly grandfather figure in our lives throughout childhood (and beyond really).  In the past few days he has recieved a terminal diagnosis that gives him but only a few more weeks until his heavenly graduation.  It was a good visit.  We loved soaking in the teaching and wise words of this great man. My parents and sister joined us after a while.  Tears and laughter, stories of the good old days and encouragement for where we are and especially these next few weeks.  After our goodbyes I found it was so so hard to walk away knowing it was the very last time I would ever see Jerry on this side of Heaven.  We were blessed to run into his wife, Carol, and (son)Ron and Chris in the lobby downstairs as we were leaving and they were coming.  Jaeger family we love you all so much, and will be holding you up in prayer in the weeks and months to come. 

Leaving the hospital it seemed like we had plenty of time to get to Caldwell for our family reunion. Traffic on I-84 was slow and a stop at Winco made it so we got there at the perfect time.  We loved visiting with my Dad’s family.  He has a whole handful of siblings who have their kids, grandkids and great grandkids.  It was amazing to watch all the little ones running around as we adults caught up with each of our aunts, uncles and cousins.  Thank you Aaron and Trina for hosting.  Thank you Sherman family for making getting together as a family today a priority on your calendar we loved seeing every one of you. 


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