Visiting Nick and Jen

Last night in Suzanne’s basement we slept in the most gloriously pitch black room it had been a few days since I had slept at night maybe that it why it was so appealing.  For that reason we also got a little extra sleep as the sun had no way of knocking on our eyelids.  The large rumbling sound of 5 running children upstairs woke us at exactly 7:00am.  We got to watch Hadassah and Elijah for a few hours as Suzanne and Jeremy headed off to work early.  The kids made a giant mansion of a fort.  

   Do you notice Hannah’s waving hand?  The adjoining “hot tub” was a relaxing hangout.   
   When I text Aunt Suzanne with pictures she said they could drain the hot tub when they were done (fold the clean clothes) since this is supposed to be the clean laundry basket.  
 We got on the road at 11:05am with sandwiches for lunch in hand.  We were making good time even with the time change.  Jen is a high school art teacher, we got into town before school was out so we just parked in front of their house and watched videos of Newfoundland puppies playing together until Nick appeared from the house.  It didn’t even come across our minds to knock on the door.  We didn’t see a car and we knew Jen was not yet off of work.  All this time (20 min. or so)…lol, oops next time we will probably remember that Nick works from home.  

Nick was Chad’s college roommate until after sophomore year when he and Jen married.  We married eight months later.  We were all young.  In college when you get married all of the sudden it is like your single friends (pretty much all your friends at this stage of your life) are afraid to come over like they might be interrupting something.  We never had that distance with Nick and Jen they were our best couple friends.  A lot of study sessions, coffee dates and meeting up at the gym Jen and I quickly became best friends.  We talked about all kinds of things on a much deeper level than you experience in most friendships.  Hopes, dreams, hurts, hangups, beliefs, ideals about God, purpose of life and our purpose for where we were at that time.  After graduation we moved eight hours away and we soon became parents. Phone calls were not the same as face to face.  Texting and social media weren’t really an option and I am bad at checking email.  Although we had a blast when we got together the oportunities were so few and far between (years and years).  I am always so glad for oportunities to hang out together again.  Today was no different.  Their kids are young 3 and 2 so this is the first time that our kids have all played really well together (a year and a half ago they were pretty young and overwhelmed by all the strangers and big kids in their house).  Today we had plays and a princess fasion show, and a whole lot of beach ball toss it was very fun.  

    Hannah braided my hair while we were talking.
  The laughter as the kids chased eachother around for hours was priceless, thank you Nick and Jen for your friendship over the last 15 years.  We miss the fun we had in college, and the companionship of you guys as one of our favorite couple friends. We loved hanging out with you this evening.

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