Sand Doom and Cheese

When you’re assigned to a place that you have visited many many times it can be hard to pass the time while your wife is at work. That is how I have been feeling with this current assignment. I love the coast and the town of Newport but wanted to do something new and exciting with the kids. A couple of weeks ago I took the kids to Agate Beach Wayside and they loved the mini sand dunes that we found there. I told the kids that these were not really sand dunes and I would take them to see some. Today was that day. I took the kids this morning to Pacific City to play on the dune by Pelican Pub.


They had a wonderful time climbing up to the top and running back down.

When Caleb saw the dune he said “that is not a sand dune it is a sand DOOM”

After the dune the kids wanted to play in the nearby tide pools.

They especially love catching hermit crabs.

Since Hannah has been wanting to climb into a lighthouse we drove up to Cape Meares to see the lighthouse that is there.




The kids had fun and Hannah got to see the light up close.

Since we were so close to Tillamook at that point we had to end the day with a trip to the cheese factory.

It was a fun exciting and full day and we are tired, but it was well worth it.


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