Delinquent in my Writings

Golly have we really been in Newport over a month now?  I find that especially at these smaller hospitals even though I have never shared any patient specific information or identifiers, I am more and more paranoid about sharing something on this blog that could be found in any way a HIPAA violation (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) for that reason I find it increasingly difficult to share with you what my work day is really like.  The work days here have run the gamut from extremely busy with crazy stuff walking in the door to slow with very few patients (even no patients on one occasion).  I have been surprised at what has come knocking at our door it has been as complicated or emergent as anywhere else.  I have found myself love love loving this assignment.  The things I have loved most about it are. 

1. The patient is king not subject.

2. Everyone has been nice and welcoming even under stressful situations.

3. The manager and clinical coordinator are quick to jump in and are very hands on, you never feel like you are out there alone with no backup.  

4. I see evidence based practice all around me, you don’t know how refreshing that is.

The things that have been hard about this assignment so far are:

1. Not having a home at the beach so we can actually enjoy it.  Having to hotel it cost a lot so we only stay the nights that we have to for work which means the kids and Chad have seen Newport pretty well and I have seen almost none of it.  

2.  We have ended up with a number of activities which I suppose is both good and bad, it means that we are booked solid between commitments and work so very little of the State of Oregon or Washington is being explored.  Looking at the next two months it does not look like it will get better. 

Do we regret coming home? No. But, we are starting to consign ourselves that it may not be possible to explore our own state with the same thoroughness that we have explored others we are investing in our friendships and banking family time and there is nothing wrong with that.

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