My last day off work in Hilo Hawaii

I have been thinking about how we can make this last day off in Hilo what ever it needed to be to say goodbye to our friends and this beautiful place!  With a one on one off one on one off three on schedule of day shifts that have been very busy do we rest and just enjoy the moment or try to fit in one more our our “list” items (the things on there are whole day excursions.).  As bad as we wanted to do one more of our list items, the kids have been fussy and tired, and I knew we needed to save a little energy for this last kick to the finish line, so we decided to rest and just be together.  Mom and I headed to the warm pools in the morning, getting some one on one time.  Hannah must be coming down with the cold Eve had last week.  She slept most of the morning away.  Caleb cleaned the car out for us, and Chad and I headed out for a much needed date time.  We had talked about a double date with Jesse and Isabel.  Isabel was working on making leis for the Father’s Day service tomorrow so I helped her with that.  We talked a bit, but mostly enjoyed watching our husbands being boys.  In the first hour we were there they started a fire (to burn up a brush pile), examined Jesse’s knife collection, and set up targets and took turns practicing their aim with the shot gun.  I think they were enjoying each other’s company.  We finished the leis and made plans for dinner as a late celebration of Chad’s birthday.  Yes we were a week late, but I worked the whole weekend and it hasn’t slowed down since.  Ponds was recommended and reservations were made.  

    With the window right behind us it is a dark picture.   We loved watching the huge koi fish below and the red eared slider turtles who were dwarfs in comparison.   After dinner we drove to where you can walk out on the wave break wall that protects the bay front of down town Hilo.  So fun!!! I would have loved to walk to the end, but I don’t know that slippers (flip flops) are the best foot wear for that kind of venture. 

  I was loving the sunset clouds!       So glad this birthday boy loves me.  I am blessed to be his wife!  Happy late birthday Chad ❤️.       I asked Chad if he is ready to go home…it was a hesitant yes.  We are so ready to be with our family, but are so sad to be leaving our friends.  Thank you Jesse and Isabel for a fun day of relaxing and just enjoying your company, and thank you so much for dinner. 

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One thought on “My last day off work in Hilo Hawaii

  1. Carolyn

    I know some kiddos who can’t wait for you to get home with your kiddos.

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