Last Day Potluck!

Audrey Bento must have a heart of gold!  Thank you so much for the warm goodbye.  I love trying new foods and most all the foods were wheat free, so I enjoyed every bite!!  Thank you Audrey for coordinating it and for everyone who brought food you have all blessed me so much!  The goodbyes are one of the very hardest things about travel nursing, as much as we would love to stay we are on a mission to travel around the United States as part of the kids education and we have only just got started, so far I have wished that going back to each of the hospitals we have already been to was on this year’s itinerary.  It is hard to know what the future holds.  Thank you HIlo Medical Center for your open arms and hearts we will truly miss you, our Kurtistown Assembly family as well!  There are so many of you we didn’t get to say goodbye to in person.  Take care and know we love you all. Aloha for now ❤️

    As I crossed the last day off on our calendar it is serreal that our departure date is upon us. 

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