Getting mom out to snorkel

For a person who loves the water and swimming this 50 something year old adult has never really had a good oportunity to try out snorkeling.  The best place to snorkel is at the captain cook memorial but with a two hour drive each way and difficult hike down and back to boot neither of us were feeling up to it.  It was misting/raining but warm so we took the kids down to coconut island (it took us two trips as we are one seat short for the number of people we have these days.)  I went back for Chad.  We had a green coconut we found washed up on the beach, a pineapple and cheese balls for lunch, so nutritious.  












  Tiffany a fellow travel nurse met up with is there.  When the kids were mostly done swimming we car pooled over to Richardsons to try out the snorkeling.  It is hard to tell your body to breath underwater after telling it your whole life not to breath underwater.  But after getting some find on all was well and we got to see quite a few fish.  

No pictures of the snorkeling, but the kids had a pet sea cucumber. Poor thing was getting a lot of personal touch…I hope that is its love language.😬  

We then checked out Liko Lehua for dinner, both Tiffany and Shannon joined us.  I got a coke to go with my laulau and it had my name on it, kind of.  

Tiffany graciously gave me a ride home so we wouldn’t have to go illegal with two in one seatbelt. And the kids took the oportunity to tattoo her with all their favorite drawings.  So fun.  

  Tiffany, you have poop on your foot. 😋 

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