Natural Energy Lab tidepools

With no real plan and only one main objective today turned out perfect.  The goal was to get out of the house and do something we have not yet done.  We had driven by the Natural Energy Lab tidepools before on a really hot day in the middle of the afternoon when we were looking for waves and it didn’t really fit the bill.  Today we got out early so a quiet place where the kids could explore sounded best so we set our GPS.  As we pulled onto the road with the tidepools we noticed a seahorse farm sign….hmm that looks fun.  We checked it out, bummer, it was only open Monday-Friday we will have to come back.  

Chad must have picked the best parking lot there.  We were right in front of a good sized pond fed by the spray of the waves hitting the rocks that formed the pools edge.  

   The kids got their swim suits on and we started exploring!  

   Look at the salt in the rocks where the sun’s heat has evaporated the water and only left salt.  

     I hope the kids don’t get sick, they tasted the salt.  We found lots of shells too.  It was also fun to watch the black crabs skuttle around on the rocks.  

                        A close look at the sand and you can see dozens of tiny shells! 


The kids entertained themselves for quite a wile jumping off the rocks into this little pool. 

     Eve thinks she is showing you her finds, but she is showing you her awesome pair is shoes.   She keeps leaving her shoes places like the bathroom at the beach or the play ground and when it is time to go and she looks for them they have dissapeared.  So today she had no shoes left to wear even though Chad has bought her two pairs of flip flops this week.  So she has found two flip flops in the tide pools. One my size one is her size. 

  We loved the bottle top art work showing the islands at Ultimate Burger.  And this Lehua flower was or table decoration.    Hannah is trying to lick ice cream off her nose.                 Tables in the shape of the islands at this park on the way home.  The kids played in the rain at Punalu’u beach a busy but fun day!

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