Sunday Funday

Up bright and early, I have been trying to make a habit of waking up and 5 AM everyday not just the days that I work.  Got some reading done and everyone showered way early for the 10 AM service.  It is so nice not to be rushed!  The message on righteousness was encouraging and of course we enjoyed the fellowship.  Our planned picnic turned into lunch at Lucy’s Taqueria then hanging out at the beach.   






 Hannah and Isabel explored all the islands at the Onekahakaha park while Eve and I checked out the more northern pool.  The main pool is way better I’m guessing that is why most of the time that is where all of the people are at.  The boys dried some spear fishing but there really wasn’t many fish at all.  It was windy and kind of cold so we changed and headed early to Walmart to pick up snacks for the couples game night.  We were responsible for bringing “Ore” (York peppermint patties).  Jesse and Isabel had lumber and wheat (broccoli and wheat thins). We punched in the address and headed out, I love GPS!  I mostly like to support Chad in his love of Settlers of Catan, but game night with a bunch of young couples is an opportunity I could not pass up. 

       The full on Cities and Knights ended up being a long but good game, we got home at 10:30pm good thing it is a holiday weekend.  I tuned off my 5:00 AM alarm…the ambitious getting up at 5 every morning was going to have to take a day off.   


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