HMC first week on days

I did get put on call one of my three shifts so my first day shift week picture is based only on two days.  So far I love it!  It is way more busy than most of the nights.  It starts in a wirlwind of activity as all the nights inductions are delivered,  and scheduled c-sections come in and are delivered, then the NSTs (a non stress tests is where we monitor the baby and look for signs of wellbeing for a short time usually less than an hour) get sent in from their providers offices as they are needed.  With all the commotion and busyness slowing down about 4:00pm in just enough time to get the unit all cleaned up restocked, and looking like we did nothing all day by the time night shift arives.  The busyness passes the time quickly and the nurses have all been so helpful and friendly.  There is nothing that makes me love nursing more than the times where teamwork shines.  It is like that feeling, in basketball, when you have practiced all the plays and know them like the back of your hand.  The opposing team tries to pull a full court press and your team (including you) pass and moves the ball down the court scoring effortlessly like the opposing team is not even there. 

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