A our young padiwan

After going to bed at 6:00pm last night I was pretty rested come morning this morning. Chad still beat me up, because I was checking email and responding to a few text messages but was able to get the bed made and have a nice warm shower before breakfast was ready. Chad surprised me with GF pancakes and sunny side up eggs which if you know me you will know sunny side up eggs have a special place in my heart. It was delicious and a wonderful way to start the day. After some coffee and orange juice (I’m telling you it was the breakfast of champions Chad is too good to me) we headed to the salon to get Caleb’s hair cut. He has been growing it out for a while so that he could have a padiwan braid but it was just getting too shaggy so it was time to get it cut.





Grandma insisted in paying for the hair cut even though we told her it was our turn to bless her. If you know my grandma there is no winning these kind of arguments, so I turned to the lady and asked if they sold gift cards there and got one for her for the cost of her normal hair cut! Score!!! It made her smile and she didn’t argue with me one bit about it.
We headed back to the house then got elbow deep in sorting through the garage to figure out what would be in the garage sale we are working on to help clean out the garage before we leave.


The kids worked polishing silver and eagerly did any other jobs they were assigned. Grandma had wanted to do something for the girls too like she had done for Caleb so we took them in to get their hair cut as well. Eve was first since Hannah was a little hesitant.



She was opinionated and charming as usual and won the heart of her hairdresser.
The. We watched Hannah get only a trim.


The hairdresser gave the girls each one strand of tensile tied into their hair. Eve’s was purple (she has already pulled it out) Hannah’s is turquoise but is hard to see with the length of her hair.
Chad and I get to go in a Valentine’s date kind of dinner and a movie out!!! Happy early valentines to you the best husband ever!!!!


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