Balboa Park Flop



At exactly an hours drive we felt that a trip to Balboa Park would be a good activity for today. I have been there before but it has probably been close to twenty years. We weren’t going to do The San Diego Zoo today which is the main attraction but there are a lot of museums and little shops also in the park. GPS took us to the southwest corner of the park which looks like any other park. There was only a thin strip of park along the freeway. We walked around a bit trying to find the indicated trails that did not happen to start in the direction shown. Lunch was a win at Evolution.



After lunch we played at the playground for a shoe time before we found the nature trail that had a bridge over the freeway to the main side of the park.


It was a gorgeous day with gorgeous plants and warm sunshine, but there was some frustration in the air.






IMG_2254 we didn’t find what we were looking for on the other side of the bridge either. Hannah’s shoe broke and we were getting far enough from our car I just wanted to go back. We were almost to the bridge when my foot found uneven ground. Before I knew what had happened I was sprawled out on the ground. My pants were ripped my palm and knee were bleeding and I had a rolled ankle. The kids were slightly worried that I was going to die, but after their fears were squelched I decided to continue on bare foot since the Danskos were for even ground and would aggravate my strained ankle. Chad helped me up and we continued on our way.

See it doesn’t look like much. I feel it though. Mostly in the small bones on the top of my foot. We made it to the car, drove around the park and checked out all the museums from the car. I doubt we will go back this assignment, but it is on the list for our next CA assignment.

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