A walk up memory lane

My uncle then grandparents lived in the town of Fallbrook when I was growing up. The plan today was to finish the paperwork for the new position, walk down and have lunch with grandma at work, then walk around town seeing the houses that we spent lots of time playing at as young children visiting most summers to get in our family time.



Lunch from the Major Market was delicious, they have the best sandwiches and the company was even better. It was a whopping 75 degrees and the sun felt like it was beating down. We put our jackets in the car and headed up the street. I say up because the house my grandparents lived in was up a hill, a steep hill, we walked up and took a look at it. Then in up the hill even further to the back fence of camp Pendleton.






The birds were out in full force and singing the most beautiful songs. There were also beautiful plants and flowers. A humming bird hard to see in this picture was perched on a branch not too far from our head.




We walked from grandma’s and grandpa’s old house (Uncle Richard’s when I was Eve’s age and I do remember that) to Uncle Richard’s old house which looks a lot different than it did when he lived there. After those stops we enjoyed walking through the shops downtown.



IMG_2215 We had to try the avocado fudge that was advertised at one of the shops. Milk chocolate with walnuts and dark chocolate chili peanut were the flavors we picked. Unknown to me Chad also picked out suckers that were chili and sandia (watermelon) flavored which were a big hit all the way around.


The fudge was very good, a bit softer than the original deal. The low stress of just wondering around all day was a welcome day of recuperation. We are really just trying to soak up all the family time we can. We don’t have any family where we are headed next.

Caleb’s quality time with Grandpa this week have given him a new love for working with his hands in the shop. I hope he remembers this time with his great grandfather forever.

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