Down to 10

We made it back from Fallbrook yesterday with very little heavy traffic which was a miracle on a Friday afternoon. There was plenty of time for me to take a nap, Chad to go grocery shopping, and the big kids to do some sewing (felt only). I felt fairly rested going into work after the busy week which was another miracle. The unit was busting at the seams full and didn’t overflow which was another miracle. It was a good night to have four nurses on and we had them, few. After tonight we will be in single digits, the time is sure flying by fast.
For those of you who have asked we will be in Salem for a few days in the middle of the first week in March. I’m not sure how it will play out. We get home late on the 2nd and will fly out early on the 5th. We have to change up all of our packing to get ready for air travel. We are starting to make preparations like a dog grooming appointment, getting Myra settled with my parents and considering what all will have to stay on the mainland.

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2 thoughts on “Down to 10

  1. J Larch

    Don’t forget that you can send boxes, suitcases, footlockers, crates, etc to yourself via FedEx. They can send an item from the FedEx store (say, in Keizer) to the nearest FedEx store (in Hawaii) and hold it (for 7 days I think). I have done this before with great success. A bit of research will get you weight and size limitations. And the cost for each item sent. Usually cost is a factor of the weight. It’s worth looking into. I have used FedEx but I bet everything above applies to UPS as well.

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