Feeling introspective-

Where are you!?! Come to think of it where am I, in my head, I mean. There have been a lot of busy and interesting nights at work, but it is a small enough hospital and only one this time I worry that to truly spell out any one day would put me in danger of some HIPAA violation. Truly in the whole scheme of things there have been very few shifts that have been slow or even ideal staffing but the bunch of girls here have perfected the idea of zone defense. The triages keep coming all night we keep not only treading water but managing to keep our hands up and sometimes even holding bricks. I have to give all the credit to their team work and flexibility. No one is lazy, no one runs and hides when there is an emergency. So despite the less than ideal staffing this has been an awesome assignment. As I approach, very soon, the time to get a new assignment I am already grieving the loss of this positive bonded group of nurses. Ricky (the maker of the most awesome enchiladas) has offered to make me more if only I will stay and for the first time I am truly tempted by the offer. I hear the pay is good in California says the travel nurse community. All kinds of travel nurses are getting stuck in California, is it really travel nursing if you never get out of California, these things made me not ever want to come to California, and now here I am in California thinking about extending? I wish I could tell you we have a plan but so far we have no idea where we will be come March, but here or another state I am so glad that we came to Victorville (Victomville per my uncle) California.

Now I know Ricky’s enchiladas are worth it but darn it this has to be a family decision. The kids are rooting for Hawaii (it would take a miracle which I do believe in) and Chad just doesn’t want to go all the way to the east coast to come back in July for family camp.

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