So much to be thankful for!!!

I don’t know if anyone else needs reminders to feel thankful. Since just after Christmas I decided to continue on keeping notes in a thankful journal I started in 2013. I guess that at just two weeks in it is helping significantly because I’m feeling pretty grateful right now.

Don’t feel like you have to read all this but I felt like sharing it might help someone. Have a blessed day look around, you are truly blessed.

There is always something to be thankful for!
Christmas cards from friends and family, a beautiful birth of a healthy baby girl to loving parents, Starbucks frappe that did not give me stomach pains and was a surprise gift from Chad, the love that I feel from my Heavenly Father, Gods provisions in family. The chance to be so close to Grandma and Grandpa Lawhead.
Dave Ramsey and his study of the Bible as it relates to finance and being a good steward, this position at Victorville and the fact that this assignment is going by quickly, the opportunity to hug Samantha and maybe show her the joy of having priorities besides the obtaining of positions and entertainment, a husband that values family and family time, Mary Beth and her friendship over this last year.
Colorful pens, actually colors in general! I have been using them to make my notebook/notes more beautiful and fun, Maryam the midwife made corn enchiladas instead of flour with me being able to eat them in mind, someone at work telling me that they can tell I enjoy my job, Conversations with new friends that allow me not only to learn more about them but also about myself and cause me to desire a greater understanding of other cultures and belief systems so that I can be a better friend and witness, Jokes that are warm and well meant that make everyone smile and laugh, and the occasional awesome reaction that provides random smiles and laughter as you continue on through your day but remember back.
Dr. Z specifically requested that I take her labor, the Charge nurse said, “she must like you, she’s already requesting you take her patients.”, a tiny box of conversation hearts in my lunch from my sweet husband, so thankful for coffee and it’s wonderful taste and gum to freshen my breath afterwards. A car who’s doors all open and windows roll down so I can get into staff parking.
Survived my 4th shift with only three nurses, Christmas chocolate bucket, dry roads for travel, seeing Manzanar and the Carson City capitol building, made it to Susanville, beautiful mountains, making it to Nevada as a family.
Ringing in the new year with Rae and the girls, a dad that loves me to celebrate, resolutions and goals that push me to be a better person, a long talk with Mary Beth.
A chance to sleep in and catch up on my deprivation, ibuprofen, a ride along with Boyd that brought 10 hours of good conversation, delicious enchiladas, and a beautiful look at lake Almanor.
Susan and Cliff visiting, special family breakfast, warmth from the fire, tea, the time that I had living with Susan and Cliff in the summers growing up.
Finally making it to church, a chance to participate in goat butchering, tasting fresh goat ribs, another chance to visit with aunt Susan, hot chocolate.
Getting to see the Nevada capitol all set up for the inauguration, lunch with Jon and Shawna, driving the path of our 2011 bike ride and reliving some of those meaningful growing moments, the beauty of the 50 route across the mountains, meeting Kadence.
Getting to stay the night with William, visiting for the whole day with Gerrit, touring the Jelly Belly factory, the kids getting to meet their cousins, baby Justin cuddles, watching Aladdin, seeing Terri and the kids.
Getting to stay at Will’s a second night, clear roads, beautiful sunshine, a warm 70 degrees in Victorville, a fiery sunset, a dinner date with the kids at Olive Garden.
Sleep, glorious sleep, clean uniforms for work, the kids getting their math done, God being with me as I made my way to work where I did not want to be. A beautiful primip delivery where she pushed once, and coffee frappe brought to work for me.
My mom’s calendar is finally done!!! A chance to have post partum couplets, an opportunity to feel like I do do a good job at work, a chance to read some more in the duck commander book, and a frap on the way to work.
Thankful for two good shifts, for getting to work with Anne, for getting to work with Margarita, for finishing my first book of the new year, “Happy Happy Happy” by Phil Robertson, for Chad being in a good mood, for a chance to stay hydrated and for getting my first ever attempt at an AC IV I always go for the forearm, wrist or hand…don’t be thinking this is my first IV ;0) ). Also I’m so thankful for my Bible verse a day app.
Thankful for paychecks, a beautiful, fragrant and delicious orange from Dr. Z, being able to care for an NF mommy, when babies latch on flat nipples and feed well, knowing a lot of Spanish words, the coffee lady.
Getting out of work on time, nursing teamwork, an awesome delivery, cinnamon rice, my sweet girl who always has to jump in the shower with me every time she hears the water running, and a special package from my parents.
Such an awesome daily verse today…Jeremiah 29:13 (NIV) “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”, getting out of work on time after a nonstop shift, making it through 5/6 shifts and still smiling, for getting to have the very best job in the whole world for me, assisting in the delivery of happy, healthy, beautiful babies and daily watching the amazing transformation from self focused adults to parenthood and I can’t forget (because it definitely helped get me through the shift) the Charge nurse bought me coffee last night!

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