“Makeup Seat”

When I was a kid that meant that my cousin Elizabeth with her big round blush like pillow would push me in the face (the pillow was quite plush so it was fun) until I would fall backwards and land in my bum on the couch. She would go down the line up of us three girls all younger than her each taking a turn getting a “makeup seat.” Well today (Wednesday) I got to play my kid’s version of the game and it was a completely different version. They had me take a seat and get make up on. Now that does make for a more common sense version of the game but still whenever I hear the term I will think of Liz. This makeup session was the perfect activity for this tired momma. Six shifts in a row isn’t too bad until you try to switch back to days. It’s pretty much impossible. I slept half the day and came out to spend some time with the kids, so when our game included me laying on the floor with Myra as my pillow and my eyes shut I thought, “now this is a win win.” A perfect game for my current energy level. Don’t mind the messy house. It does get kind of crazy when I’m not home for a long stretch.






The salon continued as Eve and eventually Caleb got their makeup done, then it turned to nails. All in all it was a fun day.






2015/01/img_1476.jpg I didn’t end up falling asleep until 5:30 am because my brain thought it was time to be awake so today was only a half dayer too. Oh well we got the house all clean and I hate to switch all the way to days anyway since it was only a two day break and I am back to nights tomorrow.

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