Uncle Richard

I would describe our family as pretty close, there is no one really that are socially estranged maybe a cousin here who is geographically distanced and one who has chosen to be estranged but out of the many Aunts Uncles, cousins and second cousins we are all really close. That being said I have an uncle that lives in SoCal (far away from a Oregon and Idaho) who although we have talked on the phone and the kids have met him on trips with Grandma Sherman I had not seen since Stephanie’s wedding 6+ years ago. He works the week and I work the weekends so even though he works only just down the hill from where we live it has taken two weeks to get together. Yesterday we just happen to be driving through San Bernardino where he works at lunch time. We gave him a call about half an hour out and planned to meet for lunch. He hasn’t changed too much in the 6 1/2 years. Although I was surprised to see that his eyes have softened and his age is telling in his gray hair and laugh lines. I guess I should have expected the age. I’m sure I’ve changed a bit too. I hope there will be more time to get together with him. His priorities are different than mine, but I have always appreciated his company and pray that his eyes continue to soften that there is some work being done there in his heart. Sometimes when you are a strong man you think that you get somewhere or are something in your own power. When you get older and enough life has happened to you you realize how much God’s hand of protection played in your many successes and survival. Uncle Richard May the Lord bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you may you recognize God’s hand in your life.

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