Christmas Letter Factory

I don’t think I realized the task of personalizing most of the Christmas letters would turn the two hour or so task in to an all day today and some of yesterday affair. I wrote a note on the letter then out the name on the outside of the envelope. Chad addressed them, Caleb return addressed them and Hannah stamped, licked and sealed them. Of course her licker got tired and grossed out so mommy had to finish up that job but we had our own little assembly line factory going on. The 100 cards didn’t go as far as I thought they would next year we will have to print more and start earlier. Few, I’m glad to be done with that job. I have one more big job to do this week but tomorrow I think we are taking a break to get out and play. I thank everyone who got back to us so quickly with their addresses and white pages as the case may be.
Love you all,
Merry Christmas!

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