Chad is such a good dad

Yesterday when I was sleeping Chad took the kids to buy the Christmas presents they had decided on for each other. I could hear him in the living room directing each child to a different area of the house to wrap the presents they had bought. It sounded pretty well orchestrated from my vantage point. I don’t think it was as seamless as it sounded, but the kids had fun and are so excited. When I woke up they were brining me the gifts they had bought and wrapped to make guesses. Of course I made far fetched guesses that pleased them to no end that they had truly stumped me and pulled off a Christmas surprise. Again when I walked in from work they showed and I had to be a bit more creative to make my guesses. Im pretty sure there won’t be too many surprises come Christmas. It was so fun to see them so excited. What a big feat for Chad to pull off alone. All of them shopping at once trying to keep it a surprise from the others and then organize the wrapping with very curious and creative Eve not able to control her curiosity. Also he picked up the Christmas cards, the Christmas letters, and stamps.

Chad you are doing an awesome job! I love you so much. Your flexibility and willingness to go out of your way to keep all of our “balls” in the air is what makes this adventure possible. We, the kids and I, are so blessed to have you as our captain.

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