Santa Postman

Santa has come to our house! So unexpected! I got home at 0700 unlocked the door and out of the hall came three little crazies. Group hug! I opened the blinds to let in the daylight.
A few minutes later Hannah stopped and pointed at the front deck. “What’s that!?!” USPS packages were sitting on our front deck. How did I miss that when I was coming in? Could USPS have delivered them at 0700 or had they been sitting there since Saturday tucked in the corner out of sight.
Chad went out to investigate and brought in three boxes with the return addressee listed as Donna Owens.

On that news we had some kids doing a happy dance.

IMG_0445.JPG The first box contained Christmas Jammies.


IMG_0451.JPG The other two contained gifts from Chuck, Donna and Great Grandma Brown.

IMG_0452.JPG A few tears surfaced as I sent thank you texts and pictures to Donna. You have made us feel loved and missed. I can’t really believe Christmas is only 10 days away. The only presents we have gotten was the stocking stuffers for our niece and nephews that we purchased at Old Navy in Oshkosh, WI. So with no tree up yet the little stack of presents from Oregon has the kids sitting around them grinning and feeling them anticipating Christmas even more.

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