Can it really already be time to leave?

With the big kids sleeping over at the Buswell’s house and Eve soaking up the one on one attention she was getting from Grandpa we snuck out for a date this one didn’t even include the dentist. We had wanted to go to Word of Mouth before we left in April but that had never happened so now was our chance. We got there early enough in the morning that the wait we were told was half an hour. Ok, that works for us. Then 15-20 minutes later they came back and asked if we wouldn’t mind sitting at the bar and we wouldn’t. I remembered that I didn’t have my ID on me but with as much gray hair as I am now displaying it is much less likely I would be asked for it and besides that I never plan on ordering anything that I would need it for. After we were seated practically right in the face of the person tending the bar I thought I should have said no to sitting at the bar, how can we talk here like this. Yes Chad and I spend a lot of time with each other but with an almost 10 year old almost always with in earshot there is plenty of things that we can’t just talk about. We looked over the menu and decided on an omelet to share and some coffee. It was kind of fun to people watch the servers as they shuffled back and forth to tables and I’m pretty alcohol ignorant, I had no idea there was so many ingredients in a Bloody Mary. Isn’t 9:00 am super early to start drinking? I guess it is the day after Black Friday. We could turn towards each other and found ourselves in all the chaos and noise able to converse. We talked over some near future plans, some what ifs, and talk timeline. We really are along for the ride but it is nice to know what the other is thinking.


IMG_2815.JPG We stopped and picked up the big kids visiting for another good 45 minutes, the kids (us too) were not ready to hear the words “sorry you can’t stay another night. We leave tomorrow.”




IMG_2821.JPG Back at grandpa and grandma’s house we gathered all the laundry we had washed, the new clothes from the beach trip, and the kids and packed them into the car. We were surprised to get to see Aunt Bonnie as sheei saw our car and had turned around to come say hi.
We had a little extra time and were close to Aunt Judy and Uncle Bob so we were excited to get a chance to see them too. When it was time to go Eve announced that she was staying with Aunt Judy and was quite sure about it, to ensure that it was so she hid. The kids looked for her and did not find her. Thank goodness she is still at that age where when her parents call for her she answers or she may still be hidden in Aunt Judy’s closet.

IMG_2839.JPG From there we met up with the Rodlis picking a place with a play structure so us grown ups could talk and the kids could play together and get some energy out.








IMG_2870.JPG we missed getting the Girls over to Louanne to visit :0( but it was already time to load the car. Besides unsealing all the bags and sorting out all the holy and stained clothes packing the car is getting easier. We know where everything has to go and we have now dumped (in out room or on our shelf in the garage) all the non-essential items. Nothing to make our house homey. Nothing we “might need” and NOTHING we can do without. The kids aren’t even buried in the backseat. Maybe we are getting the hang of this. Steph and I had our traditional Starbucks coffee date to end the evening. Maybe the reality that we are already leaving again will set in by the time we head out of town. Sorry to those we missed visiting this time through time. We already miss you all and we haven’t left yet.

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