“This is a nice place”- Eve

It was a bit of a rush getting out of the house for early service with the final things being loaded in the car, the dog, the kids, and us. It was rushed goodbyes, but maybe that’s better. Besides loading the dog it didn’t really feel like we were leaving our house for months and months only going to church. It didn’t feel like we had been gone for seven months maybe just a few weeks. The hugs and warm smiles were priceless and will help carry us to our next visit. There were a few people that we saw from across the sanctuary but didn’t get to say hello to in person. Thank you all of you that made us feel so loved and missed today.
After church we made our way to the car and to Red Robin for a goodby lunch with Chuck. It still didn’t feel like we were getting ready to say goodby for a few months or go a thousand miles away. We had fun with Chuck, it was reminiscent of so many other Sunday lunches. A reminder of what we missed all those Sundays we were away. We are so glad that our family and friends are so supportive and still love us even though we are following a call we feel on our lives right now, one that requires us to spend so much time away from home.


We merged onto the freeway at 1:00pm good timing as we had some miles to get under our belts. The drive was beautiful.





It was dark when we crossed into California. The boarder check station was closed so our apples and cuties were safe for the time being. Chad and I were verbalizing our surprise at the check station being closed with positive tones when Eve interjected saying, “This is a nice place!” She is definitely our glass half full child. I think they are all looking forward to this assignment and being closer to home.
We get to stay with my cousin Liz, her husband Al and their sweet little 8 week old, Toby. It is our first time meeting him and we are all taken.






Liz happens to work tonight but Al let me tag along when he and Toby visited her for his evening feeding. It was the first time I have seen my favorite Doctor at work. Now for sleep so we can visit some more in the morning.

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