Visiting my home hospital

We got in after dark, our own comfortable bed felt like a resort to our backs and heads. This morning feeling rested I was ready to go home, my home away from home that is. Chad had lab work first thing and thought of a whole bunch of other errands that needed to be done while he was out. By 9:00 am I gave up the waiting game and called to find out where he was at. Soon he dropped the newly washed car off with the coffee card that we had used to budget a coffee run for my FBC family.
Steph came along with me.
It felt good to take all those familiar turns. I found myself not even thinking only driving, like muscle memory my arms knew how to get there with out being prompted.

IMG_2605.JPG Awe Silverton Hospital, after seven long months I was home. Jen T. was working away in the front office her bright smile and warm hug were a great big welcome home greeting. Before I could get on the unit there were even more welcome home hugs and greetings. You FBCers know how to make a girl feel welcome. I am so humbled that even after seven months absence you all hold me as dear to your hearts.
It was fun to go around and get everyone’s coffee orders, hugging and catching up with each person as I went. I was very glad that Steph had come with me as it was an opportunity for some just us time and she was very helpful getting the 17 coffees safely to the car and then onto the unit.


It got a little busy with a delivery and discharges about the time we were leaving so I snuck out with out saying bye to everyone. My Hannah Banana, Kathy, Dawn, Tamara, Kellie, Rocio, Christy, Karen, Lara, Sarah, Drew, Janet, Mary Kay, J. Mo, Juanita, My favorite Cooper, Meredith, and Erin (sorry I couldn’t stay until you came in). You guys made my day. Oh how you have blessed me and made me feel loved today thank you for everything. It was sad to leave. I do wish that I could have my cake (being with my loved ones) and eat it too (enjoy the adventures and challenges of traveling).
We quietly drove home, it was lunchtime but I wanted to take the opportunity to sneak in a visit with Mary Beth as she was working from home today. Her puppies gave me a friendly mauling, we joked back and forth and just visited for about an hour or so before the kids dentist appointments called me away.


Thankfully the kids are all three cavity free! Caleb had to have four teeth extracted so tonight should be a good payday from the tooth fairy especially considering the discomfort that was involved. After the dentist Caleb and I visited with Louanne for a couple hours.

A soapy bath for Eve and Cyrus and a spaghetti dinner gathered around the table as a family drew our evening to a close. I don’t know if it’s the time change or because it’s daylight savings in winter but the night although young seems late, time for me to crash. Doernbecher apt. for Eve tomorrow will come early.

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One thought on “Visiting my home hospital

  1. Tamara

    We were beyond blessed to get to see you and hug your neck! Bless you and your sweet sister!

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