Home for the first time since Easter

Suzanne and Jeremy shared their home with us last night. 14 people sleeping in a four bedroom house worked so much better than our usual of sleeping 14 people in their old two bedroom house. It was a good different, although I’m good for the floor if it means being with my family.
I liked getting to see them in their new roles in Pendleton, already dressing more Pendleton and less Portland ;0). The cousins all slept over together in the living room downstairs. That is all except Eve and Elijah, they didn’t make it. Eve slept with us and about two hours into the night I realized why we never really let the kids sleep with us. As cute and sweet as they are, they make sleep much more difficult to come by.



Church was good. Uncle David called as we were gathering the troops to head home, thinking we were in Irrigon they had already passed us. We missed their company at lunch. Mom picked up a special coffee treat for all of us. We sipped our coffee and visited while Dad, Chad and Suzanne arranged the Reunion leftovers for lunch. It was sure hard to leave. 24 hours with a handful of people we love most in the world was not enough. Really the whole week would not have been either. Good bye mom, good bye dad, goodbye Hadassah, Elijah, Jeremy and Suzanne. You are in our hearts always. At least we didn’t have to say bye to Steph and her family just yet.
The drive was pretty, it got dark so early though. We missed the west end of the gorge and Multnomah Falls.




Our first taste of Christmas was a special treat sent as road food from Aunt Diane


The rain greeted us with gusto about Troutdale.

Grandpa Owens met us at one of our favorite restaurants, Fudruckers, mostly for all the fun family memories we have made there over the years. Eve sang him one of those never ending songs of hers, we were so glad to see Grandpa.

IMG_2595.JPG We stopped in at Kohls on the way home to say hi to Grandma Owens too.

IMG_2597.JPG Quick hugs all around, then home to unload the car. It feels so good to be home all I want to do is go to bed. For doing pretty much nothing all day traveling can sometimes sap the energy right out of you.

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