I Guess I Just Can’t Stay Away

Having crossed a few time zones and gotten semi used to early shifts I was awake before our 6:00am alarm. Most of you already know that Eve has Neurofibromatosis type one, with no apparent complications yet we do have to follow up yearly with the Eye Dr. and Geneticist up at Doernbecher. Her eye appointment was today and everything checked out with no concerns. Eve told the doctor that she was on a date (because it was just her and us parents) the doctor said it was kind of a weird date to which she replied, “well it is a date because we got food.” I guess that doughnut stop at Fredmeyer at the bottom of the hill won us some parent points in her book either that or she was just relishing this one on one time even if it meant eye dilation drops.




We were back in Salem by 11am and stopped in at Lancaster Village to hug an old friend. Time is never a guarantee and my sweet friend is looking much older than the last time I saw her. May God bless her and keep her in his arms be her company and hold the loneliness at bay. As lunch time hit we got the car cleaned out completely. I went with Hannah to check in with the neighbors we chatted for a half an hour or so and when I returned to the house Chad was gone with the car taking it to the shop to vacuum and clean the seats. When you practically live in your car it is sooooo nice when it gets a good vacuuming.
Chad picked us up and we headed for a visit with Great Grandma Brown. The kids love their Great Grandma.




IMG_2683.JPG More neighbors came over before dinner. After dinner we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Owens’ house. A sleepover was in order for the kids. The early morning was catching up with me. That and the warm cozy environment at my in-law’s house made me a tad sleepy. It is nice to be so comfortable and in a place where it’s ok to just be myself. br />
IMG_2691.JPG A cup of tea was a nice pick-me-up and Chad suggested we swing back by the FBC on our way home to see the night shifters, I was going to ask if he was up to that very same thing, it was huge that he suggested it first. My mother-in-law said, “you just can’t stay away from this place can you!?” So true Donna, so true. I just can’t stay away, for one you can’t just go one time and see everyone, secondly, that is what the FBC is about. We share a bond working so many shifts elbow to elbow, having each other’s backs, in life threatening emergencies or just chaos management. My night shift girls it was so good to just hang out with you for a while tonight. You know you have my heart.

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One thought on “I Guess I Just Can’t Stay Away

  1. Marilyn Dohman

    Bummer I didn’t get to see you…..but am following this site to share your adventures so keep tapping the keyboard. Xx

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