Appointment Marathon

Since the kids stayed at grandma and grandpa’s house last night Chad and I were able to go to the dentist by ourselves. We haven’t gone anywhere together by ourselves in months it was amazing. Awww I went first and nearly fell asleep just lying there, when it was Chad’s turn I had to give him a hard time and take a picture. He loves it when I do that ;0).

IMG_2692.JPG I paced a little and dealt with a little business finally settling down to read for the remaining few minutes. We had a few minutes between the dentist and the first Salem Pediatric Clinic appointment. We headed for a quick cup of coffee at Safeway for an on the go breakfast then met up with Donna at SPC to hand off the kids. The appointments had been spread out all day with an hour or so in between, but about an hour before they called to ask if they could reorganize it starting 15 minutes later and doing all three kids sequentially. Oh thank you, so much better. The kids are all on track with their growth and milestones I wasn’t really too worried about that. We have some homework to do on providers at LA Children’s Hospital that specialize in Tourette’s for Caleb. We are blessed with such good kids and as a parent it is hard to watch as they run into their own struggles. Even though I know that our character and strength is developed in challenges I wish I could protect the kids from pain and discomfort.
Eve had her four year immunizations and some labs. She was so hard to hold and I totally failed on my one job. I was supposed to hold her hands and on the third shot she got her hand loose and barely missed getting her hand right in the way of the needle I quickly/reflexively grabbed her hand and totally elbowed the nurse in the forehead….I just about died and apologized profusely several times. She insisted that she was fine but I still felt so bad.



Poor baby, Hannah felt so bad for Eve and decided she deserves the best Christmas present for everything she had been through.


We barely made it down the road and she was out. We dropped Caleb by the house with Uncle Jayson because he wasn’t feeling that great and we headed back out to visit Hannah’s BFF Hannah. Eve slept in the car for a while Hannah, Hannah and Sarah played while Chad and I visited with their parents.



IMG_2704.JPG we got home late and had pizza for dinner. After Aunt Stephanie got home from work she and Hannah made an apple pie. Eve is finally up walking around on her own and was even jumping on the trampoline. Caleb is also feeling better. Not that I’m not excited for Thanksgiving, but I really don’t want it to come. If I could just hold it off for a few more days I would, I know that as soon as Thanksgiving comes it will all be over and we will be saying goodbye and leaving all over again.

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