9:30AM-10:00PM Shift

I had one random 0930-2200 shift scheduled. I had seen it on the schedule and knew it was coming up, but for some reason I didn’t realize it was today. So my alarm went off at 0415 I showered, dressed, ate breakfast and made my way to work. Upon arrival we double checked the schedule and it dawned on me that I was not supposed to be there until 0930…..shoot. I missed out on an hour and a half of sleep just to find out I wasn’t working until later. I returned home and tried with only minimal success to catch some more Z’s. At 0840 I redressed, downed some coffee and headed back out for round two. Chad packed a lunch for me as he always does, he takes such good care of me. Both of us were unsure how much food should be taken for this odd hour shift, and when do you take your lunch break?How much food do I normal eat in that time frame? Lunch, dinner, an evening snack? Do I eat a second breakfast before I go since the last one was at 4:45 AM? When I arrived I was told to report to the newborn coordinators office and when I was done talk to the lead, was I in trouble, what could I be in trouble for?
The little meeting was just to attempt to get me into MyHR to use the online time clock to punch in and out, with no success as of yet, I wasn’t in trouble. It is amazing how your brain always goes to the bad things first. The lead didn’t have an assignment for me since we were at core staffing so I watched patients so permanent staff could go to the staff meeting. Soon though I had picked up a couple post partums and got an antepartum admit that were keeping me on my toes. All was ok until 1730 when the night shifters arrived. They changed up my assignment again. I did keep my antepartum though and she wasn’t behaving…. “Come on contractions come on baby take a chill pill. You don’t really want to come this soon.” I think the baby took my advise. I won’t know until I go back this weekend. We did however make it to the end of the shift and I just hope I never make a habit of these endless into the evening day shifts. If I do, I better not be getting up at 0415. Good night all…..I hope your day was better than mine.

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