Up for church, we loaded up on new books and movies from the church library.
Missing family Sunday dinners Chad made Swiss steak from a family recipe for a special treat after church.
Caleb has been looking forward to a book sale at the city library for a week so we headed there after lunch for the $5 bag special only to discover it isn’t until next week. The kids checked out their books and movies from the public library for the week while we were there. Eve made friends with a little boy named Jude and his mother asked us if we were a part of CC as she had heard us discussing what week we were on in history. We talked a bit about it and about our kids and the classical model. All though she believes on the classical model there is not any family support for that and her husband prefer the kids go to charter school so they do but the mommy supplements their education. She said that she had been to CC information meetings and had friends that were a part of it. She also talked about a few other homeschool groups in the area. It was fun to get to know her, I hope we run into them again at the library As I think they might visit it as much as we do. After the library we headed to McDonalds for internet (the library has oober poor slow internet we’ve tried it before). Chad was able to help Suzanne with a computer problem and I could check my thirty min. of Facebook as well as watch a few YouTube videos. We got home in time for a fend for yourself dinner. We watched our church library moves as we ate. Answers in Genesis 2 and a movie about North Korea. Now for an early bed time. But I can’t sleep, the weather is starting to turn colder. I hate to concede but we may need to get a few more blankets to get us through November here.

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