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I was really excited to share the kids oral presentations today. The kids were excited to do them as it has been so long. They picked their own subjects practiced once and then recorded, but after sitting outside of Starbucks (yes we got a drink, but it was with a free drink voucher we had been given earlier) for an hour trying to upload them onto YouTube so that the the link could be placed on here we gave up. With no luck at McDonald’s or a hotel parking lot either. We will try again tomorrow somewhere as we drive around.
The adventures of today mostly entailed an “treasure hunt” at Goodwill to replace the girls stained and warn shirts. The bonus was we even found slim non-skinny jeans pants that fit Caleb, it was only one pair but it just might get us through. Hannah took FOREVER trying on all the clothes that she had liked. It was a muzzling though to watch her dance around in the mirror so pleased with her selections. When we got home Eve promptly went up stairs and pushed her clothing tub down the stairs so we could remove the stained clothes and put in the new ones. She tried them all on and instructed me one by one to cut off the tags. Needless to say I think she was pleased with her purchases. Chad and I each also found a shirt spending a whole $45 to nearly replace at least half of the girls shirts, a pair of pants for Caleb as well as the shirts for Chad and myself.

The rest of the evening was spent on abstract art and coloring envelopes to mail to our friends.

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