2nd time for the win…

For the second morning in a row I got the “you’re needed at AMC” call, this time with no anxiety attached, only excitement. I’m so glad to live in the day and age of GPSs because I have a lot less worries about how to get to new hospitals. My seemingly normal assignment quickly turned to crazy assignment. Needless to say I was so thankful for how helpful all my fellow nurses were. Team work is one thing that makes nursing the very best profession ever. By 3:45pm (the shift ends at 6:00pm) I was able to grab a few bites of lunch, catch up on charting and be mostly ready for the oncoming shift.
The kids were all waiting for me in the backyard playing with the neighbor kids and came running when I pulled in. They filled me in on the events of the day. Hannah has decided that the star wars theme song will be her wedding march, Caleb has been working hard to save up money for a tablet, and Eve has been pointing out every Capitol E and V that she can find. Dinner was good. We took advantage of the short time between dinner and bed to make some phone calls and catch up with family.

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