Appleton Medical Center

I knew when I took this job that they were wanting me to cover staffing holes in two different labor and delivery units, but since I was only scheduled at one facility and had not yet even been asked to go to the other it was the farthest thing from my mind this morning when I got the call that I was to report to AMC for my scheduled shift today. I headed out a lot earlier because I had not yet even been in the hospital or on the unit, and I had no idea where I was going except that I was to be on the 4th floor. I found the employee parking lot and followed all the other scrub-wearing people into the hospital and to the elevator. They lead my right to it with out even having to ask. One of the other people in the elevator got off at the same floor and I could follow her into the unit. She got me set up with the codes to the doors and the location of the break room. I checked out a phone and keys and got to work. What a fabulous unit they have over there, and fabulous people. It might be the most perfect set up I’ve ever seen if they had two identical ends and were LDRP. I loved the double beds, the kitchenette complete with little table and chairs in each room as well as the sink perfect for baby baths and the pullout stock closet access able from each room. They must have been forewarned that I had not been on the unit before and gave me the easiest assignment (seriously I might get spoiled here) I loved my mommies and the opportunity to give solid breastfeeding help and be able to stay in the room for the entire feeds.
By the time I am done with this traveling thing I will have the perfect setup for a LDRP unit in my head. I got loooooots of ideas today. At 1:00pm I was notified that I was needed back at Theda Clark at 1:30pm so I reported off and headed back to home base to take a super nice labor patient. Some day I will tell her story changing all the names and identifying details but obviously I can’t now. Thank you Jesus for a beautiful day, the opportunity learn new things, and a great first experience at AMC.
The bad news…my beloved stethoscope that I have had since 2002 got a crack in the rubber tubing today. Chad replaced the diaphragm after it visited Honduras and the humidity and it’s 12 years of use had ruined the seals. I was sad to think it was now done for, but you can actually just buy replacement rubber tubing so I will get to keep my nursing school stethoscope going strong although it will not be boasting too many original parts.



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