Rest that’s what’s on the agenda for today…

Sleeping in felt great as we have been up pretty early and out pretty late for the last several days. 8:30 rolled around and we all started crawling out of bed, unashamedly I was the last one. My stomach was on the fritz as it usually gets after several days in a row of traveling, so opting to stay very close to the bathroom and in comfy clothes I passed up an opportunity to visit the library and instead stayed home and sorted our ever mounting paper and book piles trying to find the carpet in our room. Finishing up that project just in time to here my brood coming in the back door. Eve and I did some school as the big kids worked on their math and Chad worked on lunch. Eve is getting a hang of this whole E and V writing thing and the value of letters, writing, and words. She wrote her name for the first time today and in typical Eve fashion it had to be rainbow.



We read about the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party. Then the kids wrote short summaries of the events in the book. Caleb walked Myra. She got a little extra excited from running and pulled as she accelerated out of his hands then she took full advantage of her freedom. She has a lot of good qualities with only two faults that I can think of. Her taste for a nice poopy diaper is one that has gotten a lot better in the last six months and the fact that when she is given even a sliver of an opportunity for freedom she takes it and runs like the wind. You would think that she doesn’t like being with us but I know that is not true and I’m not at all sure how to curb this bad habit. Luckily it has happened only three times so far here in Wisconsin the other two times I had just got home from work and she ran right to me or right to another dog where I could quickly grab her collar. This time she made it to the last house before the main road where some college age boys grabbed her for us. We thanked them and walked back to the apartment. We try not to chase her but people often panic when they see such a big dog running toward them so we can’t do what we could in Salem and just wait for her to come back.
We enjoyed the butternut squash and green beans fresh from Michael and Kristen’s garden for dinner and then the kids headed out to play. Caleb eventually joined the girls but not wanting to get too muddy he opted to be the water supplier.











Needless to say all three kids have bought themselves a bedtime bath/shower.

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