First Date Night in Three Months!

After a surprise (you can’t leave the unit unstaffed and all the perm staff are going) staff meeting that kept us at work almost a whole extra hour, I was very eager to get home to my awaiting family.
I thoroughly enjoyed my large bowl of watermelon breakfast surrounded by my three little baby birds mouths wide open for bites.  I had planned to push myself and stay up all day but I was pretty foggy and glazed over, so I decided to take a two hour nap.  Chad had to come wake me up two or three times before I was actually awake long enough to get my feet on the ground and my brain in first gear.  We spent the afternoon chillin and relaxing as a family.  Mom and dad asked us if we wanted to go on a date while they were here to watch the kids.  We jumped at the opportunity.
I had walked past Clancy’s several times in the last week walking to the coffee shop and I wanted to try it out.  It had a large variety of foods and would have something Chad and I would both like.


Chad had a Cesar salad and I had seaweed salad and sushi.


It was so nice to have alone time. We talked about all kinds of things and made some plans. A walk at the mall brought us to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and dessert. Ending our date with a little adventuring drive around Farmington Reservoir.








The sun set as we drove back towards our apartment.


20140712-183236-66756292.jpg thank you God for bringing my family back to me safely and thank you mom and dad for a wonderful surprise date night.

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