I Got My Babies Back!!!

This much awaited day has come.  It started with a phone call from Chad saying his flight from Denver to Farmington was canceled and that he would be on standby for a later flight.  I had a good night at work and was in a much better frame of mind than the previous day, so it wasn’t as upsetting of news as it might have been.  Roll with the punches, go with the flow, is the name of the game here and isn’t so bad if we recognize it as an exercise in flexibility rather than an inconvenience or mini crises.  It did however mean that I would not get to see Chad before work as I would have loved.  Sleep was good to me despite my poor decision to drink a caffeinated beverage before bed.  Jill and I had planned ahead in case of a flight delay and so we were prepared.  We left a little early for work and I followed her to the airport where we dropped off the car for Chad.  We then continued on to Shiprock and work.  Shortly after the shift started I got a message that my parents and kids were 17 miles out from the hospital and were going to stop and say hi on the way by.





It was a quick hello, but all those little hugs felt so great and did this mamas heart good.  Chad texted me that he had made it home, and a beautiful delivery soon followed.  It is well with my soul.  Now the count down is on until morning….I don’t plan on getting any sleep tomorrow.  It will be a family day for sure.

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