Our Rental Car Experiance

We are learning lots of lessons on being flexible.  We have planned since before we left Salem for Chad and the kids to take a trip home so he can go to Honduras and the kids could get in some Grandma and family time.  We showed up to pick up our rental car this afternoon at 4:30pm to discover that even with a Visa backed debit card we could not rent a car.  It has to be a credit card.  We have been on the Dave Ramsey plan for the last five years and do not have a credit card.  We instead believe in saving up and buying what we want and having an emergency fund, well, I don’t know why but we didn’t even see that coming.  We looked at the cost of last minute plane flights X 4, train tickets, renting a car from acquaintances here in New Mexico.  Plan A, B, C, D were checked off the list as possibilities.  I don’t work tonight or tomorrow night, and my parents, even though they are elbow deep in a bathroom project, have offered to meet us in Idaho, so we packed the car and headed out.

Thank you mom and dad for being there for us.  Thank you Chuck and Donna and mom and dad for all the brain storm ideas and for help nailing down a plan.

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