50 Things I’m Grateful For

1. Chad
2. Caleb
3. Hannah
4. Eve
5. Mom and Dad
6. Chuck and Donna
7. Stephanie, Suzanne and their families
8. Being a labor and delivery nurse
9. Our dream
10. Silverton FBC
11. Midwives & Doctors
12. Salem First Church of the Nazarene
13. Dan & Robyn
14. CC group
15. This Job & being in 4 Corners
16. Being able to go to Honduras
17. Chad being able to go to Honduras
18. Being able to see Israel
19. Myra
20. Calls from managers who say they really want me.
21. The Grand Canyon
22. White Sands
23. Carlsbad Caverns
24. Beautiful lakes
25. Camping
26. The Navajo people
27. Homeschooling
28. The USA and democracy
29. Good health
30. A car that runs
31. Bowel control (hey sometimes it’s the small things)
32. Friends
33. Extended family
34. NNU and my nursing degree
35. Road trips
36. Amazing man made wonders like Mesa Verde
37. The beauty of Shiprock
38. That I grew up in Cambridge
39. An emergency fund
40. (This should be number one) Jesus lover of my soul.
42. Jehovah Jireh
43. Food to eat especially Chad’s cooking
44. An opportunity to be God’s hands and feet
45. Home birth
46. Kindness of others
47. Variety
48. Clothes
49. Books
50. Art
51. Marshmallows
52. Watermelon
53. Jalapeños
Oops I went too far here


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One thought on “50 Things I’m Grateful For

  1. Tamara Dahl

    FBC loves you too! Sarah, you are so beautiful and eloquent in your writing! Very sad to say, but I’m getting to know you for the first time! Love reading your blog! Send me your mailing address. I have something from Oregon to send!

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