A Bad Case of the Swollen Heart

My heart is so full tonight.  Here in New Mexico, so far away from my friends and family, how could it even be possible that I could feel so supported and loved?
Between talking to the kids on face time, and catching up with my mom, Stephanie, and mom-in-law, my heart just feels like it might bulge out of my chest.  Plus it is just one of those times in life that I can feel Gods presence with me.
Jesus lover of my soul have mercy on me.

Please be in prayer for our poor car, it is shifting hard and I’m going to try to get it into the Dr. today, As well as for our next assignment, for only the right door to open up.

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Honduras day 5

Sunday, time to head out for church.  We started off by heading up into the hills and through the jungle to go to our morning service.


When we got there, we met outside of a small building, and just had some of the people gather around for service.  I was so glad for the opportunity.



It was refreshing to to see God working in this community.

We asked the pastor how many people where up in that community and he told us about 500.  It is great that God has called him there.

In the evening, we went to the church that we are helping build.  They are currently meeting in a house up the road. They are in need of the new building.  They would have been in the streets if we had not been there.

What a great day to see and meet the people and community that we are helping!


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A Sad Day in the Neighborhood

I suppose the one bad thing about Mary Beth visiting is having to say goodbye.

Mary Beth drove to Shiprock early this morning and picked me up from work, then drove us down to the town of Gallup 100 miles away.  I was a little tired, but my heart would not let my brain rest.  Such a short visit, and I wanted to soak up every last minute of the rest of our time together.  We talked a little about the morning, our visit, Myra, and her up coming maiden greyhound bus ride.  We turned on the iTunes Radio to praise music, turned up the dial and sung our hearts out to God.  I think that is one thing that I like most about Mary Beth.  She challenges me to not be a tourist to the “Christian experience” but to learn from the master as a disciple working actively at becoming more like Jesus. With a few growing moments, laughter and tears, it has all been good.  Phone calls, texts and Facebook are great, and I am so thankful for them, but they don’t 100% replace face to face, heart to heart discussions.
Gallup came upon us quickly, and as we pulled up to the bus stop, we both let out some nervous laughter.  It was a bit of a dive, and was this going to be a bigger adventure than she bargained for?

We were very early, so after we got bags checked and tickets printed, we ventured further down the road to find some breakfast.  We drove a ways before something popped up on the horizon.  With only one choice, McD’s (besides Vergies, but after one look at that we vetoed it unanimously), we headed strait there.
Chad had better come home soon, as I am not taking nearly good enough care of myself.  With very little time for running to the store or cooking, McDonalds coffee has become my substitute for his well balanced nutritional meals.  I ordered my McDonald’s coffee, and decided to chance it with their oatmeal and we sat down to enjoy our breakfast.
This is when it all went down… I don’t believe in betting money, but Mary Beth was going to attempt to make an impossible shot with her straw wrapper and asked what the chances were that she would make it. Obviously without thinking I said, “if you make that shot I will lick the floor.”
SWOOSH nothing but net…
Seriously!! How did that just happen!  She turned to me with a little sparkle, obviously enjoying all the squirming in my seat that I was doing.  I backed off of my stool, and quickly but not with out attracting a LOT of attention, got down on my knees and licked the floor.  We were both roaring with laughter.  Me in my scrubs dressed to the nines of a professional nurse on my knees licking x1 the floor in McDonalds.  I jumped back up in my seat without taking a bow trying to ignore my new audience.  That set the tone for the next half hour.  It didn’t help that I was on the tired side. Mary Beth saw all my true colors totally unfiltered.  After breakfast we went back to the convenience store/bus stop and grabbed some snacks for the road.  Knowing I had a longer drive ahead of me, and work again tonight, She didn’t let me stay to see her on the bus.  We hugged goodbye and I quickly jumped in my car.  I didn’t want to cry again.
I received periodic texts throughout my drive back updating me on the status of her adventure, and maybe to make sure I was still doing OK staying awake for the drive.  Staying awake wasn’t a problem though, not today.  I had received a second wind with all the laughing and caffeine I had for breakfast.  That and running over the whole visit and how it went in my head.  Yes, I am truly blessed to have such good friends.  What a blessing you are to me Mary Beth.  Thank you for coming to visit!

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