Abercrombie, VFW, And Saying Goodbye To Tiffany

First thing, just as soon as Lyli got off work in the morning we were up and on our way out to hike at one of the most beautiful parks on the whole island, Fort Abercrombie.  It is a fee park so we saved it for last.  The trail is easy for all kinds of hikers with lake and ocean views as well as the many WWII bunkers you can explore.  

Yay we got one with all four of us!!! I love it too! It could not have worked out better.  It is a small hospital and Lyli, Cheryl, and I are all labor and delivery nurses this meant we were never all four off at the same time (Lyli just got off from working all night in this photo).  When I worked Tiffany could hang out with Lyli and Cheryl.  I have never gone on the Gypsy Nurse get togethers or outings as I have my family, but this felt like a vacation.  I had so much fun with these lovely ladies, and I am pretty sure they also had an equally good time.  Thank you Lyli for trading two shifts with me so that I could be off most of the time Tiffany was here. Taking pictures down the barrel of the cannon.Bear prints in the sand at VFW beach.

Lyli’s favorite portal for photographing visitors to Kodiak.  We all took turns getting our photo taken through the portal.  Fresh bear prints in the sand teased us as we all really would like to see a Kodiak grizzly bear.  Lake Gertrude is so stunningly beautiful.

We went to Abercrombie then VFW but the photos did not come up in order the beach with the boat ruins is VFW the rest above is Ft. Abercrombie.  Then we dropped off Lyli to get some sleep before work again that night.  We then drove around to the Kodiak sign and took our photos with it.  We tried several different restaurants before we ended up back at Henry’s for lunch.  Monday and Tuesday are the days when nearly every place in Kodiak is closed.  We then checked Tiffany in at the airport.  They said the security checkpoint would not be open for another hour and fifteen minutes so we went back out to Gibson cove for a last hurrah.We got her back to the airport just in time.  We love you Tiff thanks for coming, we enjoyed your visit and the vacation you brought to us.  

Cheryl and I made use of the rest of the afternoon washing and returning the van I had borrowed from the Powers family as well as the car she had been given to use by the hospital.  Then she gave me a ride to the hospital as they now had a car that I could use until the end of my contract. We finished up the evening by shopping at Safeway and then cooking a joint meal of shrimp with sautéed peppers and onions on rice and brie with pears and apples.  It was a good way to end the day.  We were all wiped out from five days of getting up early and staying out late, hiking and sightseeing.  

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